Craft fayre

All set for Sunday, snowman soup all made, reindeer food prepared and dog goodie bags ready. Hope to make some decent sales on Sunday. Will take a flask of hot drink to keep warm, hope the rain doesn’t come along but it it does I will wear my waterproofs.


Area meeting

Off to the area meeting soon been ages since I’ve been hope it goes well and it is interesting.

What’s the point

What’s the point of applying for universal credit and being told because you’re still a student you’re not entitled to. Erm I wasn’t applying for the portion that replaced jsa but tax credits which is what I was after erm thanks for helping me struggle even more than I was.

Holidays are Coming

I’m getting organised for the holidays, vodka is stewing ready to use as gifts, snowman soup just needs vegetarian marshmallows so make the cones. Gaia has her halter already. Heading to Manchester soon will get some gifts from the Christmas market when we are there.

I’m relieved that I no longer work with that company. I’m happy that it has finished, the next time I’m advised not to work for a company I will follow that advice.

My wee girl jumped up on my bed earlier and she started whining to get my attention because she can get up but she can’t get down. I love having a dog in my life again, Gaia is my world.

Carlisle fireworks

My best friend and I are going to watch the fireworks display at Carlisle tonight. It’s an incredible show and always one of the top ten in the uk. I first went a number of years ago with my mum and dad and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope that tonight is good too.

My back is having a bit of spasm this morning so I hope that it will ease up as the day wears on. Hope everyone has a good day and if it’s blowing a hoolie where you are make sure to wrap up warm.