Ibs flare up

Having a bad ibs day, immodeum taken. Feeling nauseous because of it, not going to eat much because of the way my stomach is feeling. Help


Feeling frustrated

I love my grandmother but when I told her I was working it was almost as if I was working too hard. I work a long week following a short week and this week is my long week so I told her that. I was made to feel as if I was unappreciated. I don’t know how to deal with her at the moment she is always making me feel like I’m not worthy. Help

Holiday leave

Holiday leave starts today and what happens? It is horrible weather and I develop a stomach bug, don’t you just love it. Knowing that it’s not ibs but frustrated with nausea and diarrhoea is not nice. To make matters worse get a text from my grandmother basically telling me to visit her tomorrow erm not happening just because I’m off work doesn’t mean that I’m free to visit. I hate how she always makes assumptions that because I’m off then I must do what she wants . I really get frustrated with her attitude and the way that she treats me like a child, she never listens and assumes that I’m free for her. It’s like the expectation that I can do filing for her because of my college course in business management and then she tried to make me out to be the bad person in front of my parents. Sorry for the rant feeling particularly frustrated today.

Bad day

Hot water bottle helping my back for the third time today, could barely walk earlier was in that much pain. Sitting getting Gaia cuddles which I very much enjoy and appreciate.

However, last night at work and I’ve no idea how I did it but I managed to phone the police using my emergency settings on my phone. The case was closed and I apologised profusely however, I’m putting it out there and whoever answered I want to apologise again, I hope that it will never happen again.

Long pain day

Having a long pain day. I’m just sitting at the moment with my sixth hot water bottle on my lumbar region of my back, painkillers are not hitting it. Plus side Gaia hasn’t left my side. At the moment she is fast asleep on my knee bless her. I’m hoping that I sleep a bit easier tonight too. I’m not letting this get me down though and I’m damned to have a day off work because of it. Glad it’s a short day tomorrow at work, kindle is heaven. College, I hope it goes well and that it is interesting. Hot water bottle is easing my back but it’s still niggling, what is causing it I don’t know. Grrrr

Long split shift

I’m on a split shift tomorrow so prepared for it. Dinner ready to be reheated. Think it’s going to be the same on Tuesday so lasagnes to be prepared for Tuesday dinner, college on Wednesday so I will be able to make something then. Think extra on Friday too so will be prepared for that then too.