Hardly able stand

Back is so bad today that the spasms are unbearable. It’s that bad I can barely walk feeling frustrated and fed up. Got hot water bottle on it and heading to bed soon in the hopes that when I wake up tomorrow I can walk tomorrow 😥


Signed off

Sciatica flare up so signed off for a week. As I only have four weeks left at work, seriously considering extending it to the end of my term of employment as job is not great and even though I enjoy being at work in general I can’t stomach that place and the stress that they put me through even when not working they do it to the point that my ibs has gone into overdrive.


Went to bed very early last night because of the pain I was in. As it was my back I did the usual and woke constantly to shift positions and then this morning, the pain is worse and I am struggling to walk as my calf is sore too (just love sciatica) flare up. Think I’m gonna to see the doctor today because of it.

So long farewell

As the song goes, been offered and accepted a new job. Feeling happy because I’m going to continue my education and I won’t have to work in that toxic company. I thought that I was going somewhere good turns out that I went somewhere that encourages bullying bitching and backstabbing in the highest level. I will also get to wear a uniform which will mean that the clothes I wear will be me not work. It also means no more sleepovers and better shifts for Gaia. I’m looking forward to walking out that door of that place for the last time.


I am not the best at remembering things so I’ve started to keep records of people behaving wrongly. This is attitude, causing friction and being unprofessional. I’ve admitted in my records when I’ve caused a problem but I still think that the person causing the atmosphere needs to be brought into line however because he is a favourite he won’t be and he will be allowed to continue to behave in this appalling manner.


Sorry about the rant the other day. I’m so frustrated with the person that annoyed me the other day. The atmosphere was a nightmare and it wasn’t good for clients or other colleagues, I found myself apologising to a colleague for it as he was feeling guilty about it when it was my fault in the first place and I told him not to worry. I’m proud of myself for standing up for myself with the original person when what they did was tantamount to bullying. I’m just going to keep my head down and get on with things in that place. The sooner I get a new job the better, I feel as if I’m getting depressed and I know that work is what is causing it.

On the plus side I start college tomorrow doing my hnd, and I told my dad that I will do the degree next year through ou as I will be able to transfer my credits and do the final year. Anyway not much else happening, I’m still waiting to hear from the shoulder specialist to find out what is going on, the sooner the better.