I e pulled out of Facebook for a wee while hoping it will just quiet the chatter and allow me to enjoy spending time with family and friends. I’ve not told anyone that I’ve done this but they will notice soon enough when I don’t put posts up. I decided to do this because it felt like my Nana was stalking me and I couldn’t hide anything from her. Hope it will be for a while as there is so much going on at the moment.


Super organised

A first for me. All set for the holiday season cards posted just decorations to put up and wrapping to do. Hope pain stays away long enough hate it but won’t let it get the better of me

Week off work

Roll on Sunday afternoon when I get a week off work. On the plus side I’ve got 1.5 days at college so nice wee break. I’m going to see the gp as it has been three months since I started the antibiotics for my acne however as I’ve just been diagnosed chronic pain I’m hoping that it will be an easy pain week. Any tips would be greatly appreciated


So very fed up with the arrogant attitude of that stupid little boy living next door, he bangs about as if no one else hears erm there is two houses on either side.
Also shoulder is agony and it’s been months since I hurt it at work, wish I’d reported it at the time and then I could have sued holiday inn over their incompetence at training and support for staff.

Back Again 

I was on a sleepover at work on Saturday and managed to sleep (not great) woke up on Sunday with my back pain flaring up.  Went to college yesterday because of the pain, I took a pillow to support myself, still struggling through the day.  Got home wishing that I’d taken the day off and today still in some pain, hope that it eases off for work as I enjoy my job and don’t want to take time off but worried that I may end up making things worse health wise and this would have a knock on effect for my colleagues because they would have to cover HELP