Housekeeping no more

So glad I’ve got a Physio appointment on Thursday this pain in my shoulder is really starting to get to me.  Not knowing what is causing it and what needs to be done to help it heal.  My elbow is stiff because of it so the sooner the better.


Silly injuries 

Lugging laundry at work the other day and now I’m in near constant pain from my shoulder to my elbow in my right arm.  Wonder what I’ve done this time.  Always said I was an accident waiting to happen.  On plus side got to wait until next week to see a gp about it lol.  I don’t think so, will phone doctors tomorrow and get an on the day appointment so that I can find out what is causing the pain and how best to deal with it.  On plus side count down continues for new job roll on day when I can say so-long, farewell auf widersein good night adeu Aden to you and you and you (sorry about the film reference but glad to leave the job).

Happy days 

Got a job offer yesterday and happily accepted.  I have to wait on my pvg to come through then I will walk away from my current job with my head held high.  Zero hours contracts are no way for anyone to live.  I am grateful to have been given the chance of a job when I was made redundant but not knowing what is going on is no good for anyone especially when they have a house to keep.  I hope that anyone who is going through it knows that there are people out there for them.  Don’t let the bastards get you down.


A local construction company are a bunch of liars.  They openly slagged off the none that I used to work for and came from said company but they lie and say they had nothing to do with it.  HYPOCRITES the lot of them.  Revenge is a dish best served cold and boy will it be sweet.  They learned a lot from the other company got what they wanted before leaving and badmouthing bunch of cowards that they are.  They can’t even be honest I’m their Facebook page and say yes we worked here yes we left.  Grrr


Hope that I have a good night sleep tonight, feeling very tired with 13 bedrooms done before 3pm at work and my back being sore too.   Also with noise from next door at all hours of day and night making a racket.  Looking forward to going away on holiday to Scarborough next week.


My family have had a bad couple of weeks and although things aren’t better I’m of the opinion that they can only get better.  I support my family and I will stand by them.  The emotional hurt is by far the difficult thing to deal with.