Hope appointment comes through soon

I’m hoping that the hospital appointment for the shoulder specialist comes through soon. Although with my luck it will be for the week im away on holiday. On the plus side my X-ray came back normally as I was expecting it. I think it’s Fibro that I have but I have to get everything else ruled out first, on the plus side was back at work today and I hope it won’t last long until I have to hand my notice in as I really don’t like it. One of these days I will be able to walk out with my head held high knowing that they didn’t get the better of me.


Ibs flare up

For two days now my ibs has been going crazy, I feel like I can’t go anywhere without risking having a bout of diarrhoea and this hasn’t been the case for a long time. Everyone the usual of immodeum instants isn’t helping. I’m sitting with a hot water bottle and feeling sorry for myself at the moment.

Feeling determined

After the last few days, im determined to get to target by the new year. I put on half a pound this week (not bad considering) so want to be at target for new year so that I’m a lifetime member. I hope Carrie stays to group as she is so motivational.

I’m going to the X-ray department tomorrow for my shoulder, I’m convinced that it’s a torn ligament but if it is the X-ray will be pointless but fingers crossed that the doctor will get to the bottom of this and then I will not be naturally holding my shoulder forward which suggests the year in my mind.


I’m feeling frustrated today that I will be at work and will have to put up with the bitching and backstabbing in there. It’s not enough that im in constant pain and felt guilty last night with the pain I was in that I apologised to a colleague for not being good company (she was great and understanding) but tonight im on sleep over and I always worry about them because of the pain and my back going into bad spasms that I can’t stand up and this results in me not being able to effectively support the clients. This is my big worry. I hope that I get a new job soon so that it is one less thing to worry about.

On the plus side, I’m loving having a fur baby in my life again. Gaia is my world and she is such a sweetheart, I love her and my family. Without them I would not be able to enjoy them.


I’m waiting for an appointment for an orthopaedic surgeon for my shoulder after repeatedly complaining about the pain and an X-ray. While im happy that things are going in the right directions, im concerned that if it’s muscular the X-ray won’t show anything and it seems pointless. I hope that this means that I will finally stop being in pain as I noticed yesterday that my shoulder is rounding to the front of my body hmm concerned.