Some things can be really frustrating and attitude is not the way to get a good response from me.



Woke up this morning and as per my lower back is tight. Hate this feeling, hope when I’m on holiday that it will ease off. Looking forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone and going abroad on my own and to do some parascending as it’s something that I want to do even though I’m afraid of heights.

Sleeping night at work

Had a really bad night on Sunday at work. I’m back in tonight so hope for a much better night tonight.

On a different note, my back is really bad again three days now it’s been bothering me, at the stage I’m getting a bit frustrated of it but just have to deal with it.

Hope appointment comes through soon

I’m hoping that the hospital appointment for the shoulder specialist comes through soon. Although with my luck it will be for the week im away on holiday. On the plus side my X-ray came back normally as I was expecting it. I think it’s Fibro that I have but I have to get everything else ruled out first, on the plus side was back at work today and I hope it won’t last long until I have to hand my notice in as I really don’t like it. One of these days I will be able to walk out with my head held high knowing that they didn’t get the better of me.