Feeling frustrated with this, shoulder pain is on the increase slowly. Woke up this morning with it niggling away hope it’s not failing quickly as the relief was incredible and I don’t want to go to the orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital but if needs must and all that.

Back is niggling today too all I hope is when I go to get Gaia that my back is in a good mood don’t want Tyne driving a long distance in pain but I will have my hot bottle with me just in case and it will also be a comfort for Gaia to sleep on.


New Beginnings

Looking forward to the end of the week when I will have a fur baby to look after again, house is too quiet without a dog.🐶🐕🐾🐾

Lightbulb moment

When you realise that your grandmother isn’t supportive but is sabotaging indirectly with comments like “you’re plateauing” but not taking into account again your real reason. And let’s hope that this will lead you to a decent job is another of her special comments. Gee nice to know what you truly think of me.

Got my mojo back

Set a target at group yesterday to lose 2.5lb this week I’m gonna get to target this year motivated much at work oh aye.

Although back is still sore and my hip gave way at college yesterday and I almost fell down the stairs at college not good, can’t decide what to do for the best visit the gp or not.


I told my grandmother that I was upset that she didn’t send me a text to wish me good luck and she turned it into “you’re always tell me off” erm no telling you that you hurt my feelings it’s not all about you. Grrr 🤬

To visit doctor or not

After my spasm scare on Sunday I’ve been debating with myself whether to visit the gp or not. I’m not sleeping well because of the pain and I’m going though a constant tired phase at the moment just to add insult to injury. I think that visiting the gp is a very real opportunity to see for advice. I’m frustrated and annoyed because of the pain, I struggled through my exam yesterday as the seat wasn’t the most comfortable but fingers crossed that I get a good result. Also with the type of work I do I’m worried that I may end up in severe pain and not give the support the client fully.