Doesn’t even come close to how I’m feeling, I love my grandmother dearly but bloody hell she drives me mad. She appears to think that she knows what I’m about to say, she condescending towards me(she would say unintentionally but I don’t think so) and when I’m trying to train my puppy she is doing everything different and as a result confusing her which is contradictory to me. She asks questions when she wants another answer and therefore asks the wrong question and then tries to blame me for her idiotic question in the first place. Then she wonders why I got annoyed and frustrated and angry with her all at the same time but doesn’t seem to comprehend that she’s causing these emotions. I admit that I’m far from perfect and I am only human making mistakes but she doesn’t, she never admits that she is antagonistic and is looking for an argument. When is her next bus trip so that I can get a break from her.


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