Different kind of pain 

Not all pain is physical but emotional.  Over the festive period I’ve witnessed things that I have come to see how expectations and assumptions can hurt people.  I’ve found out that I’ve accidentally been hurting someone because I’ve not phoned them which I will resolve. However, the main hurt is by a certain person who will remain nameless and how they continue to use excuses to be seen as the one who must be obeyed, visited and whose rules are the be all and end all.  Family are very important to me however I will not bend over backwards to appease them.  Saying goes roads go both ways well so does the telephone and I’m frustrated with the attitude of I’m old I can do these things say these things because there are no consequences.  Also to find out that the same person has hurt others with this attitude shows that they are ignorant rude and very much stuck in their ways.  Anyway enough of the moaning, I’ve decided that I will buy a new mattress this year along with the holiday in June to Scarborough with my wee boy.  Hope everyone had a great holiday season xx


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