Lovely day 

What a glorious day we’ve had today, sun’s been splitting the stones.  I had nana over for dinner and we dined al fresco.  It was great, cut the front grass just the back to go.  I stopped knowing any more would be too much.  However my back is still niggling after what I did do.  However, my self imposed diet of healthy eating and gradual weight loss should help that along with exercise, skipping more walking riding my bike and karate I should be at a healthy weight soon.  I believe that by becoming more healthy I will not be as sore and because I’m not going to be carrying the extra weight I will have more energy and I will feel better on so many more levels.  
I have also decided that I cannot trust fruit plus because it is multi vitamins, milk shakes and laxatives.  To me it is a waste of money, a short term fix and is just wrong.  A healthy balanced diet and exercise is much better than a quick fix.


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