Best move ever

Loving working in my new job, good to be back to a routine and having constant learning.  The job is good the work is brilliant and to know I am where I want to be is a boost to my confidence no ends.

I have a hospital appointment coming up soon after my ct scan.  I had to complain after not hearing anything for a while, was polite and I assigned no blame on anyone as these things happen but will be glad that things are moving forward again. Just had another sinus infection which floored me for a couple of days and was like a zombie at work at the beginning of the week bit been on the up since then.  However, having an acne outbreak as a result of this infection has been a knock on my confidence, seeing people look at me and knowing what they are thinking is not good, I am a clean person and to see people look at me like I don’t know how to wash my face is embarrassing. If only people could see beyond appearance and not judge the world would be a much better place either religiously, physical or mentally.  Underneath we are all the same.


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