On a different note

pain isn’t always physical, sometimes it can be emotional.  Bosses need to appreciate that positive things can be much more affective than negative by boosting someone who is nervous, worried and stressed that can have much more powerful impact than spending nearly an hour having a discussion about things that some things that shouldn’t be further discussed.  Making someone cry because they are already feeling nervous this just further makes the person nervous, feeling more like no Matter what “I do it’s never good enough” this is negative reinforcement, it encourages the wrong sort of response for example the respondents could respond in kind, they could become more determined to prove wrong, they could become stubborn.  

I am not saying that this is bullying, it is anything but.  It is a form of management that is ineffective, divide and conquer tactics do not work.  A lot of bad managers use these techniques, treating staff differently depending on who is favourite, who is the “grass” if you’re face doesn’t fit, these all have ramifications for how the person on the receiving end of what may be nothing more than constructive criticism then again .,..
Well I will leave that to your imagination.


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