Pills, Pills and More Pills

feeling like I rattle inside thanks to medication.  As much as I need to take it, like everyone else who is in pain it sometimes feels as though giving me the pills to take is an easier option than finding out the root cause of the pain that is a daily part of life for so many.    The GP is always so helpful giving advise and saying the next course of action if these don’t work or they can’t figure out what is going on.  Normally, I ask leading questions could this be connected to that etc.  these questions are always good as the doctor will look at things from all angles.  Although webmd and the other online sites can be used I find the best time to use them is after diagnosis as they can offer extra ideas on how to deal with whatever ailment that you have.  Never think the worst, try to remain upbeat and if your GP is not supportive may I make a suggestion that you go to a new one, if all else fails there is always the option of making a complaint to the NHS Trust they are after all there for your benefit.  Thanks


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